Peter Doyle

Peter Doyle couples counselling psychologistB Psych (Hons), MAPS, MCCOUNP, MCOP.

Peter is endorsed both as a Counselling Psychologist and Organisational Psychologist and has over 25 years’ experience in clinical, counselling and workplace settings, helping clients with a diverse range of personal, lifestyle and psychological wellbeing issues.

Peter is an experienced, reliable and trustworthy provider, having been in full time, continuous private practice since 1994. He has a proven track record of successfully assisting many thousands of individual clients, and his acknowledgements from multiple referral source agencies across these many years speak to the quality and effectiveness of his psychology practice.

As a workplace leader, Peter has also delivered educational and research services for Griffith University, Monash University, and University of Queensland.

Peter has a special focus on assisting people to reconnect with their depth of potential, and has been delivering a highly successful range of health and wellness outcomes for people in our regional community over the past 25 years.

As the founder of Guidelight Psychology, Peter has supervised and coached dozens of other psychologists to develop their advanced professional skills and enhance their quality range of client services. Peter has the real world experience to provide coaching to others in business.

Through his consultations with numerous individuals, couples, and also in small group coaching sessions, Peter has gained an outstanding range of diverse and effective intervention approaches. He is widely experienced in selecting the right individual tools, strategies and techniques that will help each person resolve past emotional concerns and lifestyle or relationship difficulties.

His wealth of psychological experience is complemented by a solid understanding of how to facilitate effective recovery from stress, depression and anxiety, with a strong appreciation of relevant workplace and community resources and support structures, that can be utilised to assist people during therapy. Peter strives to build close and mutually supportive feedback and communication relationships with all of his valued clients.

Couples Counselling

Peter has the knowledge and experience to assist with:

  • Relationship issues – marriage counselling, relationship counselling;
  • Work/life balance difficulties;
  • Improving health and wellness;
  • Stress management;
  • Anxiety;
  • Depression;
  • Corporate and workplace challenges;
  • Leadership coaching;
  • Supervision of psychologists seeking endorsement in Counselling or Organisational Psychology.

Peter finds it incredibly rewarding to assist people to tackle the difficulties or obstacles they face in everyday life (whether personal or work related), and removing their often unseen roadblocks to increased business and personal effectiveness.

Peter had developed advanced clinical and health counselling skills, equipping him to work with clients from a diverse range of backgrounds and with complex psychological issues. He enjoys working with individuals or couples or small groups of people. Clients from across the majority of the lifespan, from assisting children of primary school age and above through to adults into their seventies or eighties plus; both individuals and couples; are welcome.

For over two decades, Peter has been particularly sought out by motivated individuals typically in the twenties, thirties or forties, seeking to utilise advanced positive psychology tools to transform into their next level of potential.

Peter seeks to encourage each person to deeply reconnect to the core parts of their life that uniquely touch, move and inspire them. Often clients are working across a number of integrated levels, such that physical, emotional, intellectual and inspirational growth and breakthroughs are happening in alignment for that person during the course of their professional counselling and coaching sessions.

Naturally each client is the expert in the individual circumstances of their own life journey, and Peter focuses on the client’s needs in a nurturing, respectful and confidential manner that is conducive to making positive life changes, that enduringly transform a person’s life for the better.

Peter is currently not practicing at M1 Psychology, find his details on his website: Guidelight Psychology