Paul Carver

Paul Carver (Bsc  Msc PGDip HlthPsych) was Manager of Psychological Services in primary care for a large part of the North Shore of Auckland. This was a leadership role, both as a clinician and as an innovator of new services. Paul trained other psychologists, and ran a mental health team. Paul is very skilled at working with complex, severe, or what seem like unresolvable or unsolvable problems. Paul introduced new services for older adults in Auckland, who often suffer from multiple chronic conditions, and experience isolation and loss.

He trained in the Department of Psychological Medicine (home of psychiatry) at Auckland University, and has a psychology qualification with a high medical content, so he is equally at home in working with people with chronic physical conditions as he is with distress. He understands both the medical basis of illness and the consequences illness brings to peoples lives, and can really help people adjust to living well with significant daily difficulty.

Prior to becoming a psychologist, Paul worked as a social worker with children, adolescents and their families, calling on families at home, and often working at a very practical level to find solutions to problems. Thus he has a very wide range of experience.

Paul loves working with people. A  senior psychologist in age and experience, Paul is very confident that even if problems have been around for a long time and have seemed impossible or intractable, before, working together with you, a solution can be found. Paul doesn’t think we were ever supposed to try to prise ourselves out of tough situations by ourselves. There is incredible magic in working with someone with the right mix of skills, experience and the ability to receive you as just as you are.

Paul has a flexible therapeutic approach, tailoring sessions to meet the couple’s needs. The combination of a good relationship or partnership, and the best evidence-based therapies on the planet, make for a powerful mix. Here’s a list of things Paul is good at working with (but it’s OK if you’re not on it!) :

  • Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Phobias
  • Chronic shyness (or social anxiety)
  • Panic attacks, and maybe feeling trapped in certain places
  • Feeling really worried and anxious most of the time
  • Sexual abuse
  • Trauma
  • Couples difficulties
  • Mens issues
  • Being obsessive, or having unwanted and unacceptable intrusive thoughts
  • Feeling compulsive about having to do certain things, including ritual behaviours
  • Feeling stuck in addictive behaviours you can’t stop (like internet porn, gambling, using alcohol or other drugs)
  • Binge eating or being afraid to put on weight and eating hardly anything at all
  • Being really overweight and not being able to lose weight no matter what you do
  • Feeling like your moods are all over the place and out of your control
  • Having a serious health condition (adjusting to it or trying to live with it)
  • Living with Pain
  • Being an older adult
  • Anger, grief and loss.

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