Matthew Ryan

B Psych (Hons), MA (Marriage & Family Therapy).

Matthew Ryan is a senior Brisbane psychologist who has been supporting and assisting people to work through their personal and relational problems, for over 25 years.

He is highly qualified, and particularly skilled in helping families and married people sort through the issues and dysfunctional patterns that prevent them from enjoying their relationships.

He believes that the vast majority of troubled marriages and families can be assisted to regain the openness, joy and flow that are the hallmarks of healthy relationships. He understands that what keeps most people in marriages and families ’stuck’ is their great difficulty in seeing their own participation in the problems that plague them. Most people tend to blame each other for their unhappiness, which is only natural, but it is this tendency of blame and counter blame that often keeps the relationship ‘stuck’.

As a marriage and family therapist Matthew helps each person in the relationship see how they contribute to maintain their dysfunctional ways of relating and how each needs to change to resolve their difficulties.

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