Christine McKee

Christine McKeeB Psych (1st Class Hons), AMAPS.

Christine McKee is a Psychologist with a particular interest in couples and family counselling, including pre-marriage counselling, therapy for intimacy issues, and pre- and peri-natal support. She is currently  continuing her education and is gathering ‘cutting edge’ tools and techniques in pre and peri-natal psychology in the USA.

An accredited NLP trainer, Christine is passionate about working alongside individuals and couples to help them embrace the best version of themselves, through the use of compassionate and empowering psychological services.

Christine has a diverse career background. She has worked extensively in the private sector (in Australia, USA, UK) as an external consultant and project manager focusing on organisational and safety psychology and organisational development consultancy in the Mining and Resources Industry and Corporate sector, and has a strong track record in Executive and Business Coaching. She has worked with major companies such as Virgin Australia, BHP Billiton Iron Ore, Xstrata Copper and Zinc, AAMI; Origin Energy; St George Bank; Hastings Deering; Wiley Publishers; Arts Queensland; and others.

Prior to this, Christine worked in the not-for-profit arena and in Mental Health Promotion with Queensland Health.

Christine’s interests in marrying eastern philosophy with modern psychological techniques means that she is able to offer guidance and insights that are unique to each person, couple, family and team she works with.

The bottom line intention is to deliver a service that ensures real results, and she her strategy for achieving this is to bring a novel perspective to the counselling arena, where she uses the latest research from neuroscience and psychology to develop strategies that are practical, easy to implement, and make a difference to people’s lives.

Christine's bookIn addition, Christine is the published author of “BE by Design: How I BE is Up to Me“, a self-development book that enables adolescents and adults to be in control of their self-awareness, healing and to use tools to free themselves from conditioning, habits and unhealthy patterns. Her articles have been published in a wide range of on-line and print publications.

As the host of BE by Design, a weekly radio show out of the USAshe shares ways to design how you want to BE to bring you the happiness, empowerment, focus and confidence you seek. The underlying philosophy is that you are already the person you want to be with untold talents, gifts and skills. Discovering those unique traits and letting them shine is your quest! Learn how to unlock your core skills with which you naturally flourish and excel. The emphasis is on learning to discover, focus and maximize your potential by taking accountability for all of your choices. Christine is often joined by expert guests for entertaining and enlightening chats on how to joyfully realise your most awakened you.

She also offers Skype and phone counselling. To arrange a consultation with Christine McKee, freecall 1800 877 924 or book online today!